Burials - £950 (Right of Burial & Interment Fee)

Pre-purchase of Burial Plot - £475 (Right of Burial only, Interment Fee due at time of Burial) 


Ashes - £475 (Right of Burial and Interment Fee)

Pre-purchase of Ashes plot - £237.50 (Right of Burial only, Interment Fee due at time of Burial)

Please note that grave digging charges are separate and are payable directly to the grave digger. The one we use typically charges: Burial - £400, Ashes (dig and fill) - £80, Ashes (dig only) - £40.

There is no charge for stillborn or infants burials 12 months or under.

Please note: If you are bringing an outside company onsite to put up a marquee we will add and extra charge of £100.

In order to book a funeral with us we kindly ask that the person taking responsibility for the arrangements completes and signs the two forms below. If you are using a funeral director they will be able to help you with this.

We are unable to offer double depth plots as the land at Westmill is not appropriate for this.

 We do not wish the cost of the burial rights to exclude anyone and operate a sliding scale of charges in cases of financial hardship.

Please be aware that we cannot accept any bookings for funerals on any Bank holidays or Easter Sunday. 

Primroses at Westmill

Family Group Pre-bookings

We can accept pre-bookings for those who already have a spouse or partner at Westmill and are over the age of 65 as well for those who have been told they have a life limiting illness if they wish to have peace of mind for their final resting place.

If you are arranging a funeral for a relative or friend at Westmill and you would like to book a plot adjacent to them for yourself or another family member we will be happy to do this. Please let us know at the time of arranging the funeral so we can allocate the appropriate plots.  

A pre-booking for a burial plot would be £475 (right of burial only, interment fee due at time of burial) and a pre-booking for an ashes plot would be £237.50 (right of burial only, interment fee due at time of burial)

In addition to the Right of Burial fee taken at the time of pre-booking  an Interment Fee will be due at the time the funeral takes place.

Other additional costs that will be due at the time will include the grave digging which is carried out by an independent gravedigger and any costs associated with a funeral director.

If any pre-booking is cancelled we will levy a fee of £200 to cover administration costs.

We do not take ad hoc pre-bookings because we do not want to hold a lot of money that does not strictly belong to us in uncertain financial times.

Please note we do not offer the scattering of ashes at Westmill as this is not good for the land.

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A funeral director will be happy to help you organise payments for all the elements of a funeral but if you are wanting to pay us directly for any reason or you are not using a funeral director then please do so via bank transfer using either our invoice number (if it has been sent directly to you) and/or your friend or family member's Surname. Our details are as follows:

Account number - 65640298 
Sort Code - 08 92 99

However if you wish to pay by cheque then please make payable to Westmill Woodland Burial Ground CIC.

Sloes at Westmill

“We appreciated the fact that we were able to spend as much time as we wished. This added to the calmness of the service and the overall peace of the occasion”