After the funeral

This is often a very hard time.  The busyness of organising the funeral is over. Family have to go back to their everyday lives which is sometime far away and we are left to navigate our new life without the person who has died.  People say how much comfort they get just from visiting the burial ground at this time.  Our gates are always open.  People often drop in for a few minutes when they are passing, or make a regular trip up at a weekend to just have some quiet time by the grave.  

If it feels right you might want to arrange a gathering of family and friends to remember an anniversary or a special day connected to someone buried with us.  In the summer feel free to bring a picnic to share and music if you want it. All we ask is that you only leave footprints and that you are respectful of the graves and of others that may be visiting at the same time.  You can always ring the office to check if a funeral is happening on the same day.  And you can also join in with some of our Friends and Family events such as the memorial gathering we hold every September. 

If life feels very tough our skilled bereavement counsellors can offer professional support and help you understand the very normal patterns of grief that can sometimes make you feel as if you are going mad or will never be able to get back to ordinary life.

Learn more about bereavement support offered.

Contemplation at the memorial stone

“Westmill is a beautiful site, very natural and yet well kept. The atmosphere Is friendly, and a lot of the mourners said it was the nicest funeral they had ever been to. Overall, a very positive experience during a very sad time.”