Arranging a Funeral

The first few days and weeks after someone dies can be a shocking and distressing time for most people. It seems there are endless arrangements to make and forms to fill in and it can feel very overwhelming.

Remember there is no rush. Take your time to gather your thoughts and discuss with family and friends.

There are many people who can help you through those first few hours and days following a death: medical professionals, hospital staff, funeral directors, celebrants and faith ministers.  And us.  We are here to help with both practical advice or simply a listening ear. If we can’t answer your question we are sure to know someone who can.

The links below can help to guide you through some of the early decisions you will need to make and formalities you will need to do.

"The fact we could organise a Celebration of Life just how we wanted, to say goodbye and respect his wishes was very important.  The day itself was amazing. Friends said I didn’t know you could do this sort of thing.  It was a day we will never forget." SR