Work Morning

We had a lovely morning on Midsummer’s Day when a great crew of people signed up to come and help get on top of our weed problem in the newly cleared area. Our problem was that due to a late start on clearing the willow because of all the rain, when we rolled and seeded our grass and wildflower mix we then had no rain.  Only the thugs appeared like thistles and nettles so as you can see we worked hard to clear the area in order to give other plants a chance.  Each of us was within a marked area to maintain social distance and then we all had a teabreak and shouted to each other across the 2 ms divide.  A huge thank you to all who came along.   We plan another one some day since everyone had a good time and a job got done that would have been hard for us to do before the weeds overran us.  Eventually this area will have mixed English woodland trees planted replacing the monocultural willows that originally went in in response to a call from Didcot power station.  Lots of farmers planted willow on their land and then they changed their mind. But we don’t mind too much because that led to us creating the burial ground. 

By the way if anyone from the work party is missing a pair of lovely light blue tough gardening gloves we have them safe.