Message from Liz

The book is launched and to my amazement over 700 registered to attend, and at the actual event we had between 3-400 consistently present.  I really believe it will be an invaluable resource to a wide range of people from the general public to professionals facing very different situations.  Here is a link to the launch event if you still want to catch it.

If you would like to purchase the book please see my previous blog for the best ways to do this.

I also attended an online webinar recently (not all of it I must admit – it lasted 12 hours!!) about the impact of Covid 19 on our experience of grief. I found some of the speakers I caught very informative and it confirmed my own understanding of how difficult it has been for so many people to handle the death of someone close during these times of lockdown. The distance enforced on them even during the dying process, the isolation once bereaved and the whole shock and anxiety of the illness and fear of also becoming seriously ill are all factors that have impacted so many people.  I was lucky enough to hear Deborah Lewis, the founder of the facebook group Covid 19 families UK speaking.  As a result of the death of her father she was moved to initiate a facebook group which now has 33 local groups and thousands of members.  It has clearly spoken to an urgent need for families to connect at a time when they feel acutely distressed and socially isolated.  As we have all found, those of us able to access it, social media platforms have proved a really valuable way of staying in touch with people.