Liz Rothschild and Rose-Anne O’Hare have decided to offer a Zoom gathering for people wanting a chance to share how life is for them at the moment.   We know how isolated some people are still feeling for a wide variety of reasons making bereavement even harder.   Sometimes, simply saying what is going on with a group of people who really listen and know something of what you are experiencing can lighten the load. It can also feel helpful to find you can offer others support even when you feel quite low yourself.  Rose-Anne is an experienced bereavement counsellor who also offers one to one sessions and Liz set up the burial ground and works as a celebrant.  Both of us also attend funerals as helpers on the day so one of us may well have met you already.  This group will not become a physical group since people will be living in a wide variety of places and that will never be practical.

Even if you are someone who does not find zoom easy we encourage you to give this a try.  It is surprising how worthwhile it can be even though it can never replace actually being in a room together.  The group will be limited to 5 participants so there is enough time for everyone to contribute.  Everything that is shared is confidential.

If you want to know more contact Liz at the burial ground on and 01367 700615.  She is usually in on Monday mornings.

Rose-Anne can be reached on 01793784017 or

We plan to have a first session on Thursday September 3rd running 7-8.30 with a short break in the middle for a top up of tea.  If the group find it valuable we will continue to offer it on the first Thursday of the month until Covid restrictions really ease or when the group feel they are ready to stop attending or continue to meet in their own right without us.

There is no charge.