One of my favourite authors is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie so I was delighted to hear her on Woman's Hour yesterday (4th June). She has just produced a book called Notes on Grief about the death of her father. Not only has she written the book but she also painted T shirts in memory of him and said what comfort and calm that process brought her. She wrote My father's daughter on some of them to make the connection visible to everyone. This led to lots of listeners contributing what has helped them in their grief including baking and gardening which were activities they learned from their parents and which therefore brought them close to them. I wonder what does this for you. For me cooking is definitely important and using my mother's well worn wooden spoons to stir and serve food I have cooked reminds me of meals round the table at home when I was growing up.. If you want to listen to the recording then it's on BBC Sounds or click here