Hearse, Horse or Van?


Prompted by knowing that we have a funeral happening where the person concerned is arriving in a glorious rainbow hearse I thought it was a good time just to talk about what is possible in terms of getting to Westmill.  You can arrive in a hearse, you can come in a Range Rover belonging to the Funeral Director or use a motor bike with a specially designed sidecar or you can come in your own vehicle – Estate cars are ideal or small white vans. Tractors are a possibility and of course some people choose a horse and cart. We have had people arrive and the whole interior of the car has been lined with special fabrics, photographs have been pinned up and sprays of flowers attached to the car as well as the coffin or shroud. One useful trick is to use broom handles on the floor of the car to enable the coffin to slide out more easily. Even better if you shave off the edge on one side so it sits flat on the ground and allows the coffin to move over the top.  We can welcome you at the gate and then calmly guide you through the whole bearing and lowering process making use of our bier which makes any distance easy to manage.   The choice is yours.  I have never heard a person regret being involved in this way.  A final precious act of love and service.


Photo Courtesy of Greens Carriages.