<p><strong><u>Good News about Funeral Plans as of the 29th July 2022!</u></strong></p>

Good news about funeral plans as of 29th July 2022

One of the things that has most frustrated many of us for years has been the lack of regulation of businesses providing funeral plans.  It is devastating for people who have done the right thing, tried to set aside money for their own funerals and protect those close to them from crippling bills when they find that their provider either overcharges them or actually does not pay out at all.

I also know of someone who lived longer than anticipated and was then told that even though she had paid up the total amount required she had to continue paying in or she would forfeit the lot.  This is utterly immoral. 

Since the legislation was proposed quite a number of businesses have either declared themselves bankrupt or refused to sign up for the scheme.  So our advice is if you are planning to take out a funeral plan check first that they are part of this new scheme because it means your savings are protected now in a way they were not before.


AND it is also just as good an idea to simply put aside a good amount of money or keep regularly paying into an account you set up for your funeral and make sure that your next of kin or person with financial LPA can get access to it. This is the route recommended by Charles Cowling who set up the Good Funeral Guide.