Some of you will have already heard that Liz has edited a book to be published this autumn called Outside the Box – Everyday Stories of Death and Life.  The manuscript is already with the publishers but she and her commissioning editor have agreed it would strange for this book to come out this year without a couple of Covid stories sharing people’s experience of death and bereavement at this very particular time.  This is a callout to anyone who you might know or to you who you think might feel comfortable sharing their experiences. Many of the stories appear anonymously and those wanting their name included are listed alphabetically in the back sometimes just with a first name and initial or in full. So there are many ways to share the story in a way that can help others without feeling too exposed.  The story does not have to be too long in fact the most impactful ones tend to be quite short. There is even one of one line but of course others are longer (no more than 750 words and usually around 350).  Please get in touch with the office if you can help and leave a message for Liz.  She is also very happy to just talk to you and write up your story for your approval if you find chatting easier than writing.

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