Coffee Mornings & a Question

We just had our third coffee morning and expecting small numbers I decided to decamp to the office instead of being in Root and Branch. How wrong I was. The door kept opening and I kept going to get more chairs and in the end you can see our merry crew all squeezed into the office in the photograph. Thank goodness Adam had finally managed to move all his boxes otherwise we would never have done it. Conversation flowed around a wide range of topics and £30 was raised for Wiltshire Treehouse, the children’s bereavement charity, based in Swindon. Next time I think I shall move back to Root and Branch and get the fire stoked to warm it all up before you come. It will be on Friday October 28th and, as usual, between 10 and 12. I look forward to seeing you all.

I also have a question. Would anyone enjoy a wreath making workshop so we have something to lay on our graves? We would have to charge for it but I think it could be fun. Tell me what you think. We were discussing the fact that our office is closed on the last Friday in December but perhaps we could arrange an earlier Friday morning and have coffee and wreathmaking combined.