As the sun goes down

We have for a long time told people that they can have an evening funeral as long as the interment has happened before sunset which is a legal requirement (no such requirement for ashes). After that has been done you can settle in to celebrate and remember the person who has died. Sitting together in the dark I always find has a particular quality. A good time to talk and tell stories and notice the colours changing in the sky as the last light fades away. What an appropriate time to remember a life that has ended. So far this has only happened once so far since our opening and yet it is such a potent time for a funeral.

Recently, a family held a wonderful funeral for their son and they very kindly shared some photographs with us to inspire others.  What a beautiful way to mark the avenue leading to the memorial circle and then as you can see they lit our firebowl to create a warm, bright place around which people could gather. We were very moved by the degree of attention to detail and care that went into creating this very special funeral.


Avenue lights lanterns night