Friends and Family Day
14 November 2020

This event is ONLY open to members of our Friends and Family Group.

11am - 4pm   Please note, plans may change depending on the latest Covid restrictions and advice.

Our feeling is that the usual tree and wildflower planting can go ahead starting at 11am with people keeping in their family groups and our staff possibly wearing masks depending on regulations at the time.

Lunch is less likely given the space available, so we would suggest you bring along a thermos and we finish the planting at 1pm.

We can then hold the AGM in the afternoon on zoom if we are still under restrictions. We would aim to start at 2.30 to allow people time to get home and have a bit to eat. We could have a couple of people who do not have computers with us in the office while we zoom potentially.

Invitations and requests for bulb and flower orders will be sent out to our Friends and Family group members closer to the time