People often ask us if they can donate to the burial ground and we have decided to make the process easier.  The burial ground is a Community Interest Company (CIC).  This means we are a not for profit business - serving our local community and keeping all costs to a minimum.  We are very grateful for any donations that enable us to develop and improve the site and our events for everyone’s benefit.

If you are gifting in someone’s memory and would like their name added to the memory tree in our office and /or their name to be included in our next newsletter, please let us know by emailing the office here.

You can also decide to take donations at a funeral towards the burial ground and these would be acknowledged in the same way.

What will I be donating towards?

Your gift will help us ensure that the burial ground is a diverse and thriving wildlife haven for the benefit of future generations. The money will go into a general donations fund and any contribution is welcome. Here are some examples of how your gift might be used: planting of more wildflowers and trees; new benches and bowers; helping improve the Roundhouse; the creation of new groves in the burial ground. We may also use the money to expand our existing calendar of events.

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How can I donate? 

There are several ways you can donate.


If you use BACS, please use your name and the word Gift as a reference.
Bank details – Account number 65640298 sort code 08 92 99


You can pay by PayPal here. This will take you through to the payment section.

We are not a charity which means sadly we cannot use any of the charitable giving platforms. The amounts listed are only suggestions so please feel free to enter whatever amount you wish to give. All our donations will go into our general fund to be used for whatever is needed at the time.



If you feel able to gift to the burial ground in your will that is another way to help us. Read on below to find out more...

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There are three different types of gifts you can leave in your will:

  • Pecuniary legacy is a fixed sum of money.
  • Specific legacy is a gift of specific item.
  • A residuary is a share of the balance of your estate when all other payments have been made.

Your solicitor can give you further advice.

If you wish to discuss this, ring the office on 01367 700615 or email us at

Thank you very much.

Wild lilac flowers at Westmill