"Your 'cemetery' has a peace about it, and a welcoming atmosphere, and an embracing sort of spirituality.  We chose it for my Dad's ashes because he was an atheist and didn't want to be laid to rest in a churchyard.  The naturalness of it appealed, and the welcome when we came to visit of a flask of tea and a chat!  I brought my mother recently to view the slate memorial and to see where Dad was laid (she didn't come when we buried the ashes because she was very frail at the time).  She loved it and was moved by the whole place."

Rev Carol Hill


"We all smile when we remember dad's burial it was just right for all of us and we are very grateful to you all for that."

Sara Colquhoun


"We came this week for the burial of my best friend in the whole world,Chrissie Fearn. I personally just wanted to say thank you for what was a perfect day.  So relaxed, so real, so sad and so happy.  I came away feeling completely at ease that where she is now laid to rest is absolutely perfect, and then to find the white horse in the distance was just the cherry on top as horses were Chrissie's love."

Emma Adams


"When our 20 year-old son died suddenly and unexpectedly not only were we devastated but we were also completely unprepared. Understandably, we had never given a moment’s thought to what arrangements we should make, but when we discovered Westmill the decision was obvious. Not only is it a beautiful, natural place in familiar countryside but every one of the staff are wonderful, thoughtful, knowledgeable and unbelievably helpful people who ensure that every family makes decisions that are right for them."    

Tom Williams


"We met Liz as we were beginning to make the funeral arrangements, and her friendly yet sensitive manner helped to reassure us that we were making the right choice. On the day, everything went smoothly and it was lovely that our family and friends could help with carrying Dad’s coffin to the graveside and lowering it into the grave.

Many of us have visited Westmill since then, and it is the perfect place just to sit and reflect."

David Fox

"My father is buried in the Woodland Burial site. We were able to create our own ceremony, in our own time. We love the place - with the new wind-turbines behind, and the chalk white horse across the valley. My father loved ancient sites, but as a scientist, was also an admirer and supporter of new technology, so the place is a fitting resting place for him."
Andrea Hirsch, Swindon 

"As soon as I walked on the land at the Westmill burial ground, I knew it was the place that I wanted my Beloved’s body to rest. The landscape is so beautiful, in sight of the Uffington White Horse and the surrounding hills. There is a real sense of community in this sacred space with an open, honest and friendly welcome. The site is managed sympathetically with the needs of families, visitors and the natural wildlife taken into account."
Tania Woodward, Glastonbury 

"Liz's parents were amongst the first to be buried here – and their deep personal concerns for the world and its peoples are preserved in the springy meadow turf, with tapestries of limestone-loving grasses and tiny flowered plants, all of which live in complete harmony without any assistance from Round-Up or fertiliser. It is outstandingly good value. And gives a sense of the eternal in a way that a polished black marble headstone with never-fade gold letters can never satisfy."
James Showers – Undertaker, Family Tree Funerals, Stroud 

"When I first visited Westmill I knew instantly that it was the sort of place my mother (known to us as Piglet) would have chosen; a bit scruffy, a working place, yet beautifully situated and run by caring, thoughtful and fun loving people. Over the years my family has come to know it as 'Piggy's Place', our sense of belonging extending to the whole site, not just the tiny plot she occupies." 

Ian Craigan