Terms & Conditions



That you as the plot holder agree to the following:


  • Keep Westmill updated with our latest contact details
  • To use a simple coffin (or shroud) in natural materials – we can offer advice on this.
  • Not to embalm the body because of the impact of formaldehyde on the groundwater.  (A requirement of our membership of the Natural Burial Ground Association).
  • Not to clear undergrowth or bring in soil or other materials or place any garden shrubs
  • Not to plant anything which has not been purchased through us using our list of recommended plants to ensure it is a native wild plant.
  • Not to place any permanent sign or feature on the plot e.g. markers, name plaques, decorations, wind chimes, benches and large stones (over 8 cm in any dimension).
  • No plastic coverings, artificial flowers or ribbons, oasis, plastic containers or jars may be placed on graves.  We encourage you to leave bunches of flowers.


That Westmill Woodland Burial Ground agrees to the following:-


  • To provide metal plot markers on each plot.
  • As the burial ground grows to provide section markers too.
  • To maintain a map with graves marked on it for ease of location.  This will be accessible through our website and can be sent to you request.
  • To keep a burial register, this can be seen on request.
  • To provide a guarantee that a plot can be provided next to a loved we require a pre-payment form and payment within a year of the first plot being used (it is not possible to double dig plots).
  • To ensure the maintenance of the site in perpetuity as a memorial woodland.


These Terms and Conditions do not create any right of exclusive occupation nor any freehold interest in the land by you, as the plot holder.  I accept the Terms and Conditions as set out previously.


To download pdf click here


If you are in any way unsatisfied with the service you have received please contact the Manager Liz Rothschild. If you still feel your concerns are not being handled properly then contact The Natural Burial Ground Association at www.naturaldeath.org.uk or 01962 712690 and they will take up the matter on your behalf.