Support Information

Sometimes for many different reasons it is very difficult to cope with the feelings arising after a death. The support of family and friends just doesn’t feel enough or is not available or they cannot help because they are also coping with a lot of difficult feelings. It may be that you and others around you would benefit from the support of organisations that understand your particular circumstances and have experience in this area. There are a range of local and national organisations listed on our links page offering specialist support in the case of particular bereavements such as suicide or the loss of a child or a child experiencing the death of someone close to them, violent deaths or military losses. To view our list click here.


We are also very lucky to be supported by two local county based charities working with bereaved children and young people.  

  • SeeSaw works in Oxfordshire 
  • Treehouse Wiltshire is a the newly formed charity which will started operating in Autumn 2015 initially helping families in Swindon and eventually the whole county.


At times like this a counsellor/therapist can also be a very useful step.  You can sometimes get a referral for support through your GP. Sometimes people decide to seek private sessions. The counsellors named below are all local, very experienced. Heather and Susan have also got many years of experience of working with young people as well as adults.


Sheila Pregnall Eastrop Counselling Care 
01793 766863 


Rose-Anne O'Hare - E-mail rose_anne@btinternet.com
01793 784017


Heather Redington and Susan Turner from Unicorn Child Therapy Services
01793 762939 or 07800 602655