Burial and Ashes

£700 - (£350 for right of burial in a plot plus £350 for Interment fee)

£350 - (£175 for right ashes burial in a plot plus £175 for interment fee) 

There is no charge for stillborn or infants burials 12 months or under.

Download Notice of Interment Form and Terms and Conditions (to be signed)


We will continue to take pre-bookings up until the end of 2017.  After that time we will only do this if you have a close relative or friend buried at Westmill and wish to be adjacent to them.   

Pre-booking a burial plot - £350 for purchase of Right of Burial Deed.

Pre-booking an ashes plot - £175 for purchase of Right of Burial Deed.

Please note - These fees are for the Right to be Buried (or Ashes to be interred) only.  

In addition an Interment Fee will be charged as and when a funeral takes place. 


Other addition costs would include the grave digging which is carried out by an independent gravedigger who currently charges £300 for a Burial and £80 for Ashes. Undertaking cost can vary depending on whether you chose to use a Funeral Director.


Pre-booking a plot does not guarantee a specific location on site since we fill the site up in sequence except when a partner or close relative or friend has already been interred.  


If any pre-booking is cancelled we will levy a fee of £150 to cover administration costs.

Please note we no longer offer the scattering of ashes at Westmill.

Double plots

We do not offer double plots but can reserve a neighbouring plot when a close relative has been buried or interred.

We do not wish the cost of the burial rights to exclude anyone and operate a sliding scale of charges in cases of financial hardship. 

We are also happy to discuss direct burial and direct cremation which can be very economical.


Please make cheques out to Westmill Woodland Burial Ground CIC or you can do a bank transfer if that is easier and we can give you the account details upon request.