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Meetings are held at least twice a year and the minutes from all meetings can be found by clicking the links below.

If you wish any items to be discuss at a meeting please let us know and it can be added to the agenda.

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Family and Friends Group Committee


Ian Craigan - Chairman David Birley  Jan Power Liz Rothschild - CIC Board Member
Ian Craigan David Birley Jan Power Liz Rothschild
Chair Vice Chair Manager Member
Adam Twine - CIC Board Member Dave Richardson    
Adam Twine Dave Richardson     
CIC Director   Member     


About the Friends and Family Group

Westmill exists to nurture a lasting natural memorial to the dead we knew and continue to love. This can be achieved in two ways: by helping to ensure that the woodland, meadows and faciilities adapt and mature according to the original guiding principles; and by enabling relationships to flourish between those concerned - trustees, volunteers, the deceaseds' families and friends. 

We have formed the Friends and Families Group to give some structure and formality to this, but the nature of Liz & Adam, the nature of the people that choose Westmill, and the place itself, means that 'formal' and 'structured' are absolutely the wrong words to use! The FFG is an organic response to the need for flowing lines of communication and physical expressions of emotion.

To help family and friends of people buried at Westmill get involved and have a say we do all of the following: 

  • Encourage written or verbal feedback on how the site is developed - the FFG will act as a forum for dicsussion and advice to the Community Interest Company that manages the site. 
  • Support working days and open days at Westmill. 
  • Network people to offer support and advice on burials. 
  • Plan and run events that share experiences and develop understanding.


The Open Days are schedule for a Saturday in June each year.  This event is run by the CIC but members of the FFG will be there to help with refreshments and showing people round.

The Memorial Gatherings - are schedule on a Saturday towards the end of September each year. An opportunity to gather at Westmill and, through fellowship, simple ritual and shared food, remember and honour loved ones. It is for anyone who wishes to remember thier loved ones, whether buried at Westmill or not.

Family and Friend's Working Days are scheduled in November each year and are days when members of the Family and Friend's Group can come together to help plant trees, wildflowers and shrub and help maintain our lovely willow bower amongst other things. We have hot drinks in constant supply during the morning and a simple lovely lunch of Soup, bread and cheese, and of course, delicious cakes and biscuits.  Lunch is served at Root and Branch, just down the hill from the Burial Ground, and is a great location to hold the AGM which will be held in conjunction with each the Work Day.  All Family and Friends are welcome.


More information about these activities can be found on our Events page.


If you want to be involved in any of the events, please contact Jan on the FFG e-mail  ffg@woodlandburialwestmill.co.uk.

Relatives of people buried or having their ashes scattered at Westmill automatically become members and will receive our newsletter by email or post. This will go to a single contact for redistribution and can be cancelled at any time. Friends of the deceased are also welcome to receive the newsletter - please contact the manager Jan on ffg@woodlandburialwestmill.co.uk.


As well as relatives and friends of the deceased plus people who have prebooked plots at Westmill, we also welcome applications for membership from people simply interested in and committed to green burials. Send us an email ffg@woodlandburialwestmill.co.uk, setting out your background, interest in Westmill and any skills or knowledge you might be able to offer. The FFG consults with the trustees before confirming membership, usually within a fortnight.

Family and Friend's Open Day

Family and Friends help weave the willow bower
Family and Friends help with tree planting

Spades standing upright together awaiting action
Family and Friends chatting around our beir that help carry the coffin
Beautiful view of lime tree avenue with White Horse Hill in distance
Wildflower daisies in front of Round House in June