List of Facilities at the Burial Ground


  • Our roundhouse is an open eco-building available for funeral gatherings or to shelter in and enjoy the views or have picnic.
  • It has a green sedum roof and was built by a team including people who have family buried with us. 
  • It can hold approximately 50 people seated and we can provide up to 40 chairs. If you need more then they need to be hired in or you can ask people to bring their own foldup chairs.
  • We can provide trestles to place the coffin on and tapes for lowering coffins.
  • You can decorate the space as you wish. 
  • We can provide two large lanterns with candles. 
  • There are wooden pegs on which you can hang photographs, flowers or other items. 
  • If you want protection from the elements for a few people at the graveside you are welcome to put up a gazebo and we can provide a couple of chairs to ensure the elderly or infirm can be comfortable.

If you expect a very large gathering and want to be completely protected from the elements then other options are one of our three local village halls (and pubs) (often difficult to get at short notice). 

A suitable location near your house before coming over to Westmill or iring a large marquee to erect on site. 

However we do find that, if asked to come with rainclothes or umbrellas and suitable shoes, people are quite prepared to gather outside for a service and do not mind even if it is raining.  



  • This is available for use to assist with transporting the coffin around the burial ground.  It enables more people to help with moving the coffin or a few to do so without worrying about weight or uneven ground.


  • There is parking for about 8 cars at the burial ground car park and we have more room in the adjoining field (weather and cattle movements allowing).
  • There is parking on the burial ground itself for immediate family, the hearse, disabled visitors and any latecomers.
  • The rest of the visitors are encouraged to park over the road accessed via the entrance to Westmill Windfarm. Signs will be placed showing people where they can park.


  • We have 2 composting lavatories at the burial ground which are situated at the bottom of the burial ground through a woven gate.  Please do take care as the slope can be slipery when wet and the step to enter and exit the cubicals are a little bigger than expected.  There is access to a disabled toilet in the Westmill farm grounds about 2 minutes drive away which is open during weekday working hours and funerals.


  • Some people do not like any photographs being taken during a funeral which we absolutely understand.  However, we have noticed an increasing trend for people to take some pictures with their cameras or phones on the day.  
  • We have recently come across a photographer, Ruth Davey, who we feel has a genuine interested in offering photography for funerals in a sensitive way.  



Roundhouse in June

 Roundhouse in June


Linseeding the Bier

Linseeding the bier on Family & Friends Day


Shrivenham Memorial Hall


Great Coxwell Reading Room