high summer

We have been rushing around with long blue hoses until just recently because some of our trees were not happy with the prolonged drought.  But it was amazing to see the yellow leaves on the willow revert to green and the rowan near the entrance shed one lot of shrivelled leaves and appear freshly clad a week or so later in new bright green ones.  The sedum roof is used to dry conditions having been planted in a spring without rain and is hanging on fine.  The grass is long and savannah like dried to pale gold and there are butterflies everywhere.  The recent downpours just brightened everything up so it is looking rather lovely.


On a completely different note I was at WOMAD again this year in the newly named People's Parlour and again found myself pretty fully booked.  I was only on the shelf for one slot!   The way it works is a group of people give brief descriptions of their personal experiences, interests or line of work and visitors decide who they would like to take out like a human book and spend half and hour with.   It was fascinating to see the range of questions people came up with in response to my title Green Burial Anyone?  Young and old came with general questions, interest in running their own burial ground, concerns about a recent unsatisfactory funeral and the desire to start making plans for themselves or simply the curiosity about what makes a green burial different.  I am always struck by how much people have to say once they get the chance and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of meeting everyone there. Lots of people took away leaflets about the Natural Death Centre too.