autumn is here

I lit the first fire last night and despite feeling sad at the loss of the warm sun enjoyed the cosy sense of the evenings drawing in.  The swallows have been gathering to go over the last few weeks.  The sloes are thick on the hedges this year and I know of at least one of our Family and Friends group who intends to be up there with his basket gathering them when the first frost has been on them.  Some leaves are already turning and dropping and we have been very grateful for the rain we have had recently.  


On Monday we will receive the standing stone for our communal memorial area which is very exciting.  It needs a week to settle in before our Memorial Gathering on Saturday 21st.  Do come along then.  It is a chance to come together and remember people who have died.  You do not have to have a pre booking or loved one already buried with us.  From 4 we can watch the last words being carved into the stone by Alec Peever from Witney and there will be chance to look around and an opportunity to make a simple memorial lantern.  The memorial gathering will run from 5.30 for about an hour.  Hot drinks will be served.  

Just give us a call on 01367 240508 so we know to expect you.