Womens Hour

Woman’s Hour


If you did not manage to catch the Woman’s Hour devoted entirely to the subject of death do try and listen on i-player.  It was wonderful to hear a whole programme on the subject with such a variety of voices, themes and approaches.   Dr Kate Granger continues to speak with such insight and bravery about the experience of being in receipt of the care she used to give now that she is living with a life limiting illness. She began the simple but powerful Hello My Name is......campaign demanding a change in the way patients are treated by medical professionals www.hellomynameis.org.uk.  Clement Freud’s daughter talks about all she learnt when she realised that her father had left no wishes about his funeral and did not like music!  And there’s more.  A Somerset funeral director with a wonderful approach.  This is the second time there has been a Woman’s Hour on the subject so they are doing a grand job of making the subject more mainstream and accessible.  I have always been a fan of the programme and very much continue to be.