Treehouse Charity Launch

In exactly a week Wiltshire Treehouse will be launched.  It is a very exciting time.  The website goes live on October 1st.   We have just trained a new wonderful cohort of volunteers and there are already referrals waiting.  Building on the excellent work that has already been done at the Great Western Hospital we are setting out to fill the many gaps in current provision and finally offer the whole of the County a service to match those in our neighbouring counties. Supported by our partners the Child Bereavement UK we can draw on their wide experience over many years and gradually grow to full strength when we can offer support to families pre as well as post bereavement.  It is a great honour to chair this brave new charity into life at a very difficult time economically. We need all the support we can get.  Do come along to the launch at the Saltway Peoples Centre Monday October 5th 4.30-6.30 and hear from the children themselves how they have benefitted up until now.   You may have a personal interest.  You may want support professionally as a teacher or social worker.  Treehouse is here to provide those resources.  We start offering support after October 5th. Initially we can only work with those children or young people living or attending education within the Borough of Swindon but in due course we will be throughout the county. If you would like to be added to our mailing list please contact the administrator Rebecca King on admin@wiltshiretreehouse.org.uk or call on 01793 605133.