Sorry for the silence again.  The Festival is really taking over a little at the moment.  I hope some of you saw Dead Good Job on BBC2.  Very thought provoking I thought and great the see the subject being talked about properly.  We are getting very excited about the Festival and do hope some of you will manage to come along to something.  Something for everyone we think but if you can see something that you would have liked included please tell us so we know for next time!  Meanwhile, we have a horrible glitch between info on paper programme and website for two of our events so please rely on the website which is more accurate.  Still 2 out of 33 isn't too bad.  Talking to a friend recently and discovered she has her granny's shroud because it couldn't be used for her funeral.  Her granny had made it herself and it is hard to know what to do with it now.  I wonder what unusual items you may have inherited!