Hello Everyone,

I am just resurfacing after Kicking the Bucket  Festival and our Friends and Family Day. I was exhausted and not very well and once all that had happened I disappeared under the duvet for over a week!

So we will be writing up the Festival and other activities in more detail in the Winter Newsletter but the headlines are.

We will run the Festival again in 2014.   The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and we learnt a lot.  One person said "I have lived in Oxford for 20 years and this has been the best 10 days of my life here - I have found a community."  Can't ask for more.  Over and over again people talked about the relief of the subject being aired openly and of sharing it with others and appreciated the honesty and knowledge of our contributors.  Do email us if you want to be placed  on a mailing list for updates about the next festival.  You will not be bombarded.  I hate email blizzards myself too much to do that.

The weather on Friends and Family Day was extremely merciful.  We also had our first meeting of the Friends and Family Day and appointed officers.  Our Chair Ian Craigan will be writing a report for the next newsletter.  It was wonderful to feel this group becoming more actively engaged in thinking about the present and the future of the burial ground.   And the willow bower got woven back in and looks more and more like a green shelter instead of a few sprouting wands stuck in the ground.  It already cuts the wind and by next year it might also keep out some rain.