Mid-April Blog

Now the cowslips are all blooming on the burial ground, they have established well where people have planted them on graves. We know they like the ground because they have really spread across the road where Adam planted them along the field margins.  Not only are they lovely looking but if you take the trouble to bend down you can catch their gorgeous peachy scent.  Eventually, the trees in this area will change the habitat from meadow to woodland but meanwhile they bring enormous pleasure and we will also establish them in the area that will not be have trees on it where they will remain into the future.


The blackthorn has been shining out along the hedges and the hawthorn are now emerging with their tiny buds ready for emerging later.  We now have a second lot of memorial tablets on the memorial circle so gradually the shape of the spiral will emerge over the next few years. 


Start looking out for nightingales or I should say listening out since they are very elusive birds.  I was speaking to someone in Cambridgeshire who heard his first one a few days ago.  Evening time is when you might be lucky and last year I heard my first one in a local friend’s garden. 


Don’t forget next month is Dying Matters Week. Check out the website for events near you dyingmatters.org/page/YODO2015launch.  I am talking to Rachael Chadwick as part of the Swindon Literature Festival at lunchtime on Thursday 14th May 2015 www.swindonfestivalofliterature.co.uk/. She had the original and brave idea of going to Paris to celebrate what would have been her mother’s sixtieth birthday and leaving postcards around the city telling people what she was doing and inviting them to get in touch. The results were varied and extraordinary and led to a blog and then her book 60 Postcards.  There is also an event organised by Age UK in Oxford in the Town Hall on Tuesday 19th May 2015 from 10-14.30.  Lots of stalls and talks, we’ll be there. Come along and say hello.