Memorial Gathering write up 2015

What a glorious day for the Memorial gathering.  Lovely golden sunshine all day as we gently gathered first around the tea urn and the table decorating our lanterns and leaves for the Memorial hanging. Then when we were ready we processed down the White Horse Avenue singing the song that Marguerite Wallis wrote for us using the words carved on our memorial stone.  Once there we had some readings and then each in turn placed some rosemary onto the fire we lit in the brazier and named the person we had come to remember.  There was a strange comfort in the fierce blaze of each sprig as it burst into flame.   After a short silence and some further readings we each took ourselves to visit our graves and spent some time there, leaving our lanterns there to burn through the night. As we left the moon rose full and bright above the Downs.   Someone wrote to me afterwards that despite the deep pain of the loss there was a comfort in being together in that way each of us mourning those who had died and all connected by love.


Memorial Stone at Dusk