March Blog

What beautiful days we continue to have with clear blue skies and a sharp nip in the air. Adam has just discovered that we have a new visitor at the burial ground.   An owl has been sitting in the Roundhouse.  None of us have actually seen it but it is leaving droppings behind as a clue. Owls in many cultures have been associated with death and it feels rather wonderful that one has chosen to grace the burial ground with its presence.  Probably less good news for our resident mice and shrews but there’s plenty of long tussocky grass for them to hide in. 

The burial ground seems to have survived the recent downpours although we have been using the car park with caution for funerals to ensure no-one gets stuck.  Plans to store our lovely bier are moving on and by sometime in April you should see a new open structure at the top of the burial ground near the pill box housing it and our chairs which will save our staff a lot of lugging up and down.   We will later be placing the compost loo down where we used to store the bier.  Meanwhile, we will continue to use the one down at Westmill farm when needed.  

We get rather depressed at the amount of rubbish left by people who have had a snack from Macdonalds just across the A420 from us and who then throw their wrappers out of the car window into the surrounding hedges or discard it after eating it in the entrance to the Windfarm opposite.  So we were delighted when Pete Richardson from Westmill Organics suggested he did a cleanup for us prior to his father’s funeral. Thanks Pete. 

I am taking a sabbatical now for the whole of March which feels very exciting and a little daunting.   It is the first time I have been away for this long on my own in 27 years!  I hope to return with some new writing under my arm but am slightly nervous I may just have done a lot of walking and caught up on my pile of mending.  We’ll see.  Back in the office Sarah will be holding the fort with support from Adam and our wonderful team of helpers.  So bear with us if you don’t get an instant response.  She will be here on her usual days – Monday and Friday and messages will be picked up and responded to during the rest of the week as soon as possible.