Late October 2015

I have just had a very restoring week away in North Norfolk amid the quiet peace of the marshes striding along long sandy beaches beneath wide, ever-changing skies.  Wonderful flocks of knot and oyster catchers rising up over the Wash at Snettisham reserve.  Curlews calling across the mudflats.  And I was lucky enough to catch the inspiring James Tyrell exhibition on at Houghton Hall until the end of this week. Hurray!  Now I am back at my desk again and looking forward to our Family and Friends Day in November when for the first time we will also be planting some bulbs.  So, at close to the darkest time of the year, when things can feel even harder, we will be planning for the future. Imagining the return of the spring and those green shoots making their way to the surface we can glimpse that perhaps one day they might also re-emerge inside all us too.   

I also recommend you see what is happening In Oxford at the end of this month.   

Friday 30th October at 7-10.30 as part of their Live Friday series the Ashmolean Museum is organising Dead Friday to celebrate Halloween.  Probably not something for those recently bereaved but it does look as though they will have an entertaining range of events exploring the theme. http://www.ashmolean.org/events/SpecialEvents/?id=148

Saturday 31st October at 7.30 - My good friends the multi-talented and wonderful musicians who make up the band Kismet will be playing for a ceilidh to celebrate the Day of the Dead at Wolvercote Village Hall. It was a sell-out at the Festival last year and was one of my favourite events of the 38 we ran.  An evening of uplifting music, wonderful make up and costumes and some reflective time as well.  A chance to light a candle for those you are remembering and then to dance the night away. Barn dances and circle dances.  A beautiful mixture if you feel in the mood.