Finally back in action again after a very busy month followed by being rather ill.  Still being ill when you can watch Wimbledon is not all bad and there has been some fantastic tennis!  This month saw the first outing for my new theatre group, Think Again Theatre, at the Great Western Hospital.  We were working with medical staff looking at ways of improving how people receive difficult news using forum theatre.  We drew on our own experiences and those of people we talked to and stories from the hospital who also checked on the accuracy of our secenarios.  It was very rewarding to do and we got very good feedback about the work.  We shall be offering this elsewhere so if you know of a worthwile context for such a thing or have stories to share please get in touch.  It is an enjoyable and thought provoking way to improve practise for a wide range of professionals and indeed any of us faced with breaking or dealing with difficult news with someone.


Plans are also advancing on our shared memorial area which is very exciting.  Alec Peever the sculpure and letter carver from Witney is off to the quarry to find our large standing stone in the next few weeks and then things will begin in earnest.  We are looking forward to welcoming Family and Friends Members to the Memorial Service in September which we are plan to make an annual tradition.