February Bog

We have on our table at home a bunch of snowdrops, a hazel catkins gently dropping yellow pollen everywhere and a sweet smelling sprig of witch hazel. What a wonderful time of year it is and we have had some beautiful days up at Westmill – cold, bright and uplifting (if you have the right clothes on).  I remember Garrison Keiller of Lake Wobegon Days saying he loved feeling the cold because it made him feel really alive.   I know what he means.    


Someone said to me recently after a funeral that it had felt sad but not depressing or bleak up there and that the place and the approach had made all the difference to him.  He said it felt possible to be yourself and allow yourself to feel what was happening.  And he told me he had worked for years as an undertaker and that he had never had as personal experience as the one he experienced at Westmill.    I was so delighted to hear this.  It is just what we hope to achieve. 


We had another lovely moment recently when two little girls arrived at their grandmother’s funeral.  They got out of the car, rushed to climb the fence and were pointing excitedly. Have they seen one of our resident stoats I thought to myself or is it a rabbit?   Drawing closer I heard one exclaiming to the other “Look there’s some more rabbit poo there too.”  So we really have something for everyone!