February Blog

Sarah just took some really stunning photographs during the bright frosty weather and my thoughts turned again to the idea of creating some postcards of the burial ground for sale.  We discussed it at our Christmas gathering of staff and helpers and everyone seemed to like the idea and I have mentioned it to some families when I have seen them and they also were in favour.   I believe it might even have been discussed at a Family and Friends day a while ago.   The idea is you could either have one to put up on your bookshelf or mantelpiece or to send to family and friends.  We are thinking of printing either one or two just to see how they go and getting them ready in time for the next Open Day in June.

We would love to hear your comments on the images shown which are the ones we thought might be the best candidates.  Also, if you have any winning photographs you have taken that you are willing to share, do send them in.  Even if they are not made into a card they will make the gallery on our website more interesting and brighten up our facebook. 

Answers on a postcard please!  By the end of April. We look forward to hearing from you.