End of the snow

This image shows the lime tree avenue leading towards the view of the Uffington white horse with the snow covered roundhouse to the side.

So the snow has now gone leaving us looking green and revealing some young shoots beginning to emerge here and there.  We can see little red buds on our wild rose plants and the hazel planted in the autumn is covered in catkins.

In the wider world we are aware of two exciting new developments. 

www.funeraladvisor.org.uk has recently been set up to encourage people to comment on the service they receive from their undertakers.  I think this is gong to be a very positive development allowing people to find out about the excellent support offered by many undertakers but also drawing attention to any where the service falls short in various ways.  We are monitored by the Natural Burial Ground Association via feedback sheets and I think it is quite right we are.  If we don't do something as well as expected we get a call telling us to improve our service.  (I am glad to say we haven't had one yet!)  The Natural Death Centre has also just launched an excellent online magazine More to Death.   It is very nice to look at, full of a wide range of articles on different subjects.  I found it funny, moving and informative.  Follow the links to view in on their website www.naturaldeathcentre.co.uk


Finally, I am chairing and contributing to (power mad!) an event during Think Week run by the Oxford Humanist Society.  It is all on the theme of death and I am taking part in an event on Saturday February 16th called Good Mourning? about the meaning and value of funerals and other rituals associated with death and dying.  visit www.thinkweek.co.uk for the full programme.  My fellow panellists have some very interesting things to talk about including buddhism, death practises in Japan, death cafes and funeral advisor mentioned above so I am sure it will be an interesting session.  Friends Meeting House - 12-1.30