Doctors and Death

This week I was lucky enough to have a chance to try out my show with a group of first year medical students at Southampton University. They are attending a very interesting course on creative responses to death run by Edie Campbell.   They were full of very direct and piercing questions including how would I sum up my message in one sentence. I plumped for Let’s talk about it and let’s reconnect dying with living and realise this is really all about living life well.  Not sure I really need a one hour show to say that now! 


What was very encouraging is that their feedback revealed they had learnt a number of things they did not realise before and also felt lighter about the whole subject and convinced of the value of clear communication around death and dying and the importance of not feeling pressured to spend a lot on  a funeral when it is not needed or necessarily going to make a more meaningful or beautiful event. 


I was also asked what I hoped for when it came to my own death.  A good question and one I have of course reflected on before.  I hope to be at home with family and friends, even possibly outside in nature and I know that nothing is certain and that may not in the end prove possible.  But it is all written down.  Rather like birthplans these ideas have to be held clearly and lightly and discussed with people you are close to knowing that at a certain point nature will dictate how things unfold.