Blog January 2015

Sarah has,quite rightly, ticked me off severely about my blog silence.  So, chastened and full of new year intentions, here I am again.  We were all pretty exhausted and excited by all the Kicking the Bucket events. A very rewarding and stimulating time with lots to reflect on for 2016.  Wonderful support from our volunteers and a wonderful range of contributors made for a very special time.     


Meanwhile, the burial ground is looking lovely on these sharp, bright, frosty mornings and our new little curve of slate memorial tablets looks very inviting next to the large communal memorial stone.  I went over to visit my parents’ graves just after Christmas and was greeted at the gate by a very noisy and bright chested robin.  I went over, laid my flowers down and sat for a while looking out at the view.  When I came to leave the robin suddenly re-appeared, rushing over to the hedge by the gate as if to say. Don’t go – we haven’t said goodbye yet.  It was very cheering.   I love walking over to the burial ground from the farm near Coleshill. Time to think and enjoy the views and remember. 


I don’t know how many of your listened to the Reith Lectures on Radio 4 but I thought they were really good and thought provoking.    Atul Gawande who wrote the excellent book Being Mortal was able to draw on so many different perspectives in such a clear and humane way.  Well worth a listen. 


Meanwhile, the snowdrops are emerging in our garden, the celtic festival of Imbolc is upon us welcoming the return of the light and now I can really feel that the evenings are drawing in later.  One of the things I really enjoy about this time of year is seeing the sunrise so easily without having to drag myself out of bed wildly early.  Sunrise viewing for the lazy.  It was magnificent today – a pure orange disc rising above the frosty fields and misty line of the Downs.  Lucky us.

Happy new year to you all.