I am still getting on my feet with this blog and anyone looking at it will realise.  I aim to update it about once a week from now on.  Recent experiences for me that really got me thinking were going to the WOMAD Festival and being in the human library there.  It is a wonderful idea originating in Denmark.  Basically, you take out person as your book and they talk to you on your chosen topic for half an hour.  There is an index in which all the books write about their experience and what they intend to talk about.  Then you can select your book and book a slot.  My talk was entitled "Green Burial anyone?" and to my delight I was only left on the shelf for one of my eight sessions.  Of course, being on the shelf was quite a pleasant experience since there were always other books in stock and we tended to be a gregarious lot.  What was so interesting was the rich and various ways people were approaching the subject.  Some wanted detailed practical information for an aging parent, others were planning ahead for themselves, others wanted to find alternatives to unsatisfactory experiences they had already had and some were just really intriqued and aware that there is something lacking in the way our society copes with this whole subject.  So I shall be there again next year brandishing various leaflets and information about the Natural Death Centre so people can go away and continue their researches.  It is a real relief to me to be able to talk to people about the subject while they still have time to take on board the new possibilities that they may not have been aware of.