August Blog

August is becoming autumnal it seems now and I notice suddenly how many fruits there are forming on the trees and hedgerows.  We have a good crop of apples on the little trees in Pioneer Glade and the hawthorn berries are set and a good rich red already.  The sloes too are shining in the hedges with that strange bright sheen of purple which immediately darkens if you touch them. 

I have been picking and cooking with wild plums both red and yellow recently. They grow near where we live, not as yet on the burial ground.  They are so brightly coloured.  Gorgeous.  I have noticed for the first time that the skin of the plum changes in texture when it ripens and gains a kind of matt sheen.  When it is less ripe it is shinier.  How is it that we notice so little? I thought I had looked at those plums every year quite appreciatively but only this year have I seen that. 

It has been wonderful to have the rain at last. The land has practically been making satisfied sucking noises as it soaked it up.  Last week I even found some huge puffballs in one of our fields. Delicious fried in butter.  The combination of warmth and wet brought them on early I suspect.

I am very delighted that we seem to have a lovely local folk group interested in playing a concert next June at the burial ground. They are wonderful musicians and I will keep you posted when we have more details to tell you.