April Blog

I have been lucky enough to have been away writing on Dartmoor and the Cornish coast.  A really wonderful opportunity for which I am very grateful. And in my absence Adam, Sarah and Simon and the rest of the team kept everything ticking over wonderfully.  It is wonderful to realise how dispensable you are.  I am planning another escape next year but don’t tell them! 


I returned to the burial ground full of clumps of white violets and to a raging controversary over who is visiting the roundhouse.  I was told an owl, then from feathers a tawny but now a new idea has emerged.  Chris, who lives below the burial ground, thinks it is a hawk because hawks apparently digest bones and owls don’t.  There are no bones in the pellets.  So what do you all think?  Any wise ornithologists out there who can comment or has someone actually seen the bird up there?  While I was away I was lucky enough to see the spring reeling of the ravens. I had read they did acrobatics at this time of year but nothing prepared me for what I saw.  In fact, I was on a narrow path on a steep cliff with my binoculars and I had to sit down because watching made me dizzy. So beautiful. They play and freewheel for the joy of the light returning and the surging sap.  They jink and dive and even roll over, close their wings and coast upside down before flipping back over and flapping on only to repeat it.  If you ever get the chance do catch this wonderful display.


We also now have our beautiful new shelter for the bier up at the top which will save us all a lot of lugging.  We plan to put the compost toilet down where the bier used to be stored but this project may now not happen until the autumn/winter time.