Our Funerals

This can be a sad, difficult and shocking time for most people. It is easy to feel overwhelmed. What is very important is to remember that there is no need to rush unless your religion requires you to bury the person quickly. You can take time to decide what is right with everyone involved and consider the wishes of the person who died, if they expressed any.

Our aim is to make sure you can have the funeral which best suits you and Liz and her team of staff and volunteers are here to answer any questions and encourage you to really ask for what you really want.  A funeral can be as elaborate or simple as seems right for the person concerned and those mourning their death.

We can help by really listening and informing you about the many choices you have about how your funeral is organised.

  • You can use a minister of religion, a humanist or other kind of celebrant (Liz is a celebrant and can also recommend others who may suit you better) or organise it all yourself. 
  • You can do it all yourself. 
  • Have support to care for the body at home - Claire Turnham Only With Love
  • You can use an undertaker to make all the arrangements. 
  • You can bring the coffin in a hearse or drive it over in your own car (the size of a Volvo Estate usually but do take measurements). 
  • You can use friends and family as bearers or use the undertakers.  
  • You can be involved in filling in the grave or leave it to our gravediggers. 

The most important thing is that it feels right to you and appropriate. There is no right and wrong. We do find that people who feel able to get involved with the burial and funeral often feel a kind of relief from doing so. For other people this simply does not feel right. The only thing that is essential is that the death is properly registered which involves the doctor and the registry office and then you will have the correct green form which must be given to the burial ground. For ashes you will be given a white form which we would like a copy of to complete our paperwork.

The plots are layed out in in a circular pattern within the site and our most recent areas have small brass marker tags with the area and number indicated.  Standing with your back to the road, each tag is placed at the bottom left of each plot.



After the Funeral